8gb microsd card showing 6gb capacity

Hi all,

Juts got my 8gb sandisk micro sd card today for use in a car camera, it’s in the camera then connected via usb, when I fist connected the camera via usb the capaicty visa windows was 7.4 gb, I then formatted the card and it then showed 6.99gb, and now after a later format shows 6gb!, Ive tried windows format, sdformatter and still at 6gb!.

I got it from a good ebay seller, they have no negatives and says it’s genuine, card came just in plastic case, number on back  is 0914303429 made in china.

thanks for any help. 

Personally, I’d return the card for another one or for a refund. 

If you want to give H2testw a go, you can download it at the link.  it’ll test your card for any defects.