8GB FUZE W/8GB Ext Mem Question

Bear with me, I’m old and grey… I am very knowlegable with a PC but quite the newbie with digital music. After spending MANY frustrating hours sorting, editing and re-editing my mp3’s, tags and unwanted info placed in them from the net, I think I finally have them coherently sorted and usable. I assumed that when I added the external memory it would be seen and used much the same way as my PC uses an added HDD and just access as needed. Really, all I want my FUZE to do is just play everything in my library without any further direction from me, sort of like a good radio station who just plays everything I like. Turn it on and go. My problem is when I try to sync with my PC it stops when the internal memory is full but I still have more MP3’s to sync. Is there a way to just do the whole wad without playlists?

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Tom, thanks for your help, you pretty much answered my question but now I have one more. If I do as you recommend and split my library, will the device play back from both as if they were one or will I need to switch to each separately? 

I had already set the device to MSC mode since that seemed more familiar to me. I learned a long time ago to avoid allowing MS to automatically do ANYTHING for me…

Have DL’d FreeFileSync and will give that a try.

Thanks Again 

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I used mediamonkey to sync.  I seperated my music into two folders and used the device options to tell it to sync folder a with the player, and folder b with the card.  You have to do two syncs(one for each destination) but it works well for me as other devices with higher capacity can sync both folders.

Although there is a lot to be said for just dragging and dropping.  Bit more control, and is easy to understand.

Just to reiterate–once the music is on the unit (and card) the Fuze reads from the ID3 tags on both. So if you have Jay-Z’s Blueprint on the internal memory and Blueprint 3 on the card, you’ll see both under the Artist listing Jay-Z (assuming they are tagged that way) and you’ll see Blueprint and Blueprint 3 in the Albums list, etc.

The only way you won’t see them both is if you go to the last Music option and choose Folders. Then they will be displayed as they would in Windows Explorer–within separate drives. 

Tom, the free file sync seems to have worked well and appears both folders are read equally in the player. I was too tired last night to play anymore but will give it a go again today.

Thanks Again

I tried media monkey but it’s just too dang busy for me (at least for now). The idea of separate folders and syncing each individually was key. I actually did the sync with freefilesync.

I just use Drag and Drop. As a Linux user, it’s the only option, but I suspect I would use it in Windows as well.