A few questions

First off, I’ve had my Fuze for about 3 weeks, and so far I love it. But I do have a few questions to ask.

First, is there a way to have seamless/gapless playback? I was listening to Dark Side Of The Moon the other day and noticed that it wasn’t seamless on the player.

Next, I’m using MSC mode, which I find really easy. When the computer recognizes the Fuze and I open the music folder, all of the music is listed by albums. If I make artist folders, will that mess anything up? I want to do that so I can keep things in order when I’m syncing and so that I know what music I have and haven’t put on the player.

Lastly, when I get a microsd card (if it ever gets here), should I start from scratch and delete everything and start over so that all albums by a certain artist are either on the internal memory or the card?

Thanks for the help

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There really isn’t a way to have multiple songs that are gapless. You could use some PC software to join MP3s into one really long one, but that’s about it.

The Fuze in MSC mode doesn’t care what directories you use, since it uses the MP3 tags. I have artist directories with albums under those, unless I have just one album by that artist then I’ll leave it as one directory just under Music. You didn’t say what software you use to sync…it might require a specific directory structure.

Personally I prefer to have all the music from the same artist in the same place, but that’s just personal preference. When I got my 8GB microSDHC, I moved some music onto the card and added some to the internal so it was all together. I don’t see any reason to delete everything.

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If you plan to do voice recording or FM recording on the player, then you should leave plenty of space in the main memory for that, and have  more of your music on the card memory. If you have rock music as well as classical and jazz on your player, you might want to have the classical and jazz separated from the rock music, and put the classical and jazz in the audiobook or podcast folder(you could use the other one for both audiobooks and podcasts). Music that you might want to change often is better off being on the card memory, since flash memory wears out after being written to many times, so it is better to risk wearing out the card memory than the internal memory.

Winamp and MediaMonkey both do an excellent job syncing in MSC mode and both allow you to specify pretty much any folder structure you want.

I use Winamp with a \Music\<AlbumArtist>\<Album> folder structure.