8gb CF card doesn't work in camera. "Card Error"

I have an Olympus e500. Last night I bought an 8gb CF memory card for it, and I haven’t yet been able to get it to work. I tried formatting it in the computer, formatting it in the camera (it worked in the computer but not the camera), I tried resetting the camera, resetting the memory card file name, and I have run out of things to try.

Any and all advice is so much appreciated!



That camera should support up to 8GB CF card with no problem. Since the CF card works with the computer, you cant really conclude that its a defective card. Some old cameras are very picky. Probably you can test the card with another camera and see if it works.

Not all cameras will accept some of the newer cards.  You can check the Sandisk site for product compatibility.  Unfortunately, it looks like your camera isn’t listed for Sandisk camera cards.



Card should work fine. You can also try a different 8GB card on your camera. To identify if its realy the card or the camera which is not working…

Insert the card to a card reader then format it in the following way:-
right click my computer then menage then click disk menagement then right click on your card then click format. good luck.