8 GB SanDisk HC won't download

My first question is that I could find nothing under the “Go To” drop down window that had the topic of SanDisk memory cards, so this may be the wrong place to post.  So, if you can’t answer my question please advise me as to how to get the right board.  I purchased a 8GB SDHC for both my tape recorder and camera.  It works in both, i.e., I can record and go back to the recording successfully while the card is in either device. However when I put this particular card in my SanDisk reader, the computer doesn’t recognize it.  I have 2 other SanDisks (2 GB and 512 MB) that work fine, so it is not the reader or the computer.  Thanks.


Read this Knowledgebase article about SDHC. :smiley: