64GB ultra plus formats to 27.4 GB on Win7, 59.4GB on tablet?!?

Picked up a 64GB card for my kids Fire tablet a few weeks ago, finally had a chance to open it and get it ready. Pop it to my computer to format it and load some pics and videos and the useable formatted size is 27.4Gb. I know that there is some loss due to the file system but taking an almost 43% hit dosen’t sound right. Maybe a 27.4 for a 32GB card but not a 64. I pull it out and have the tablet format it and it’s up to 59.4GB…much better. Anyoen else come across this? I have a 128GB one for my camera and my computer gave me no problems.



this can be related to the cardreader or usb slot you used to read the card with the computer. if it supports only SDHC cards up to 32GB then putting a SDXC card in there it will prompt it to format it to fat32 and then of course will be limited to the 32gb capacity as you already saw. 

here you can find some more info about the sdxc and sdhc formats of the card and the different capacity limitations that they have


i have a 64gb sd card and when i put it on my laptop it says **gb left out of 59.4gb…what should i do?