64 gig Cruzer blade

When I inset the flash stick in my dvd player I am getting device not supported., though it works on the PC

This never happened before, I changed the files in case it was them, but makes no difference.

I deleted the files, and even formatted the flash stick and added new files and the dvd still still not reading it despite never having an issue in the past with the same usb stick

my other makes of usb are working.

Sometimes contacts get dirty or oxidized, both on the device and in the socket, try cleaning them lightly with emory paper.  It’s possibe the dvd player is using usb 2.0 contacts and your pc usb 3.0 contacts.

a second sandisk 64 gig (3.0) one i got back from a buddy is the same issue.

They wont register on the playstation either, i reset them , formatted them, scanned them, but of all the usb’s I have its only the sandisk 64 gig ones.

They play on the PC, and tried unistall them and restart the pc which they still work on but neither the dvd player or ps4 read them now despite them reading them for the last couple of months.

have you tried connecting it through usb hub or extender cable.tell if it works

all the sandisk ones work on the PC, but wont now work on the dvd player or the playstation.

Tried format them and reload them , no joy

tried exFat, tried the ntfs or whatever its called.

Wont be buying a sandisk ever again

I suspect your playstation and dvd player only support FAT formated drives.  And FAT32 only supports drives up to 32GB.  SanDisk 64GB drives and larger are formated as exFAT.  And I think Windows formats drives over 32 GB the same way.