6 months of solid Fuze'ing and randomly it dies....

My Fuze died today and I have no idea why, I kept it in a plastic case to try to prevent any knock up. 2 or 3 times in the past few months I’ve seen the screen go white, and after turning it off for a little while and back on the problem went away. I’m guessing this could be water or heat damage? I live in Hawaii where it is humid and warm. Is there any way to fix this thing, or is there ANY kind of RMA or rebate warranty that I’m not aware of? I purchased it on Amazon.com ~7 months ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I dunno how i’m going to live without an mp3 player considering I have no extra money right now.


first try a soft reset to make sure it is not just frozen. hold the power slider up for about 20 sec. if that does not work the fuze has a 1 year warranty. just give sandisk support a call and they can help 866-sandisk. 

Thank you.

It won’t soft reset so i’ll have to give the warranty a try. Thanks again. 

Wow…it worked!! I held it for 30 sec and thought…‘well it’s broken, gonna have to RMA it’…but then I clicked the slider again and it turned on. Thank you so so so very much. You made this day!