Help Me :( I think my Fuze Died.


Okay first of all I must say that the amazing little device is a wonder!I had it for like 1 and a half Years with no trouble whatsoever.It worked like a charm on whatever I threw at it.It was OVERALL AWESOME!!It served my purpose very very well.

Okay heres the thing.I was listening to it through my car audio system using an AUX cable.I connected the Fuze and the Audio system using an AUX and kept the fuze on the center console of the car.Accidentally my shoulder was kept on the screen of the fuze.And I think my shoulder added some pressure on it.After that I took it to my hand and I saw all the colours fade away to White until he whole screen was PURE WHITE!It faded from Left towards the right of the screen.After that I tried resetting it immediately by holding the power button for 20 seconds.And after the reset I turned it on and it displayed nothing but the white screen.I again resetted the fuze a couple more times(4-6 times),and tried holding the power button for up as long as 40 seconds,but nothing turned up but the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!OH and btw I also have a Sandisk 8GB Micro SDHC insertted on the fuze.After the first reset I removed it and then tried resetting but nothing but the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!!

My Fuze is a 4 Gig + Sandisk 8 Gig Micro SDHC.I never ever tried installing Rockbox or any other firmwares on it other than the ORIGINAL Sansa firmware.The music I have on my fuze are WMA’s and MP3’s(That’s all).I also have a couple of videos on it.And some Photos.My music is tagged using MP3Tag and all the music have an album art size of 120x120.

Can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!?I love it and I want to bring it back to me :frowning:

Thanks in advance,


Solution:  $35.

Sounds like

OH and btw heres some more information I hope might help ya’ll.It was playing music and when it got hit by the shoulder it moved and the AUX I used was not quite good I suppose cause whenever the player moved the sound Cracked.When it got hit by the shoulder I picked it up and the player moved hence the sound started cracking while the screen faded away and after it was dead silence.If you wanna know the Audio system is a Kenwood.

All this happened yesterday and I tried resetting it today but no luck at all.Keeps on displaying the white screen.I hooked it up to the computer in MSC mode and luckily I can access all my files and folders and was able to back things up.Even when connected it showed the white screen.After disconnection no change,still white screen.I held the power button for like 10 seconds and switched it off and didn’t turn it on again.And another thing,I connected the fuze to the computer without inserting the Micro SDHC card.Didn’t try with the SD Card.If you want me to I’ll check it out too.

Will Updating Firmware be able to fix this?Although I doubt a change in software will be able to trigger a change in hardware function if I am correct.Or maybe a Format?I dunno…Reply me please.I’m desperate.

Thanks again,


Okay guys,

Today I turned on the Fuze(without SD Card) and it showed the White screen and I randomly pressed the Play button and it plays the song just like it used to.The sound quality is still the same and as a matter of fact I am listening to it right now.So this is weird I must say.Is there any way I can get the screen to work again?