4GB Cruzer Edge Write Protection Problem

Hello I have a Sandisk Cruzer Edge 4GB USB and I do not know how to get rid of write protection. Now I can’t delete stuff, rename anything or change anything anymore on my Usb. I am using Windows 7 so is there some solution to this problem?

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Make sure the Windows 7 Share With option is not set to Nobody.

My share with option is set to everyone but my usb is still write protected

The Share With options I see for folders with my Windows 7 system are:


Homegroup (Read)

Homegroup (Read/Write)

I dont think that is the problem since I have another USB that is the exact same brand and type as my prbolematic usb and its share with settings is set on nobody and yet that usb does not have write protection on it and everything else works normally as well


Before two days I was working on a computer entering data from Microsoft Word directly to my USB. The computer at some point just froze and I couldn’t do anything to close the window, log off or restart the machine. I just switched it off and on again. As a result, my USB now is write protected and I cannot save over any file, change names or export data on the USB.

I couldn’t find anywhere in the USB menu how to unblock my USB. There is no a tick on a “Write protection” so that I can get rid of it. I cannot do anything, except copying. I am happy that all the data is on it, but I need it to rewrite, rename and export files from outside.

Please, help me…

Backup all your files on the USB drive,  then try running a CHKDSK commandfor the drive from a Command Prompt.  If errors are shown rerun CHKDSK with the /F option.  Safely remove the USB drive then reinsert it.  If it’s working great, if not contract SanDisk about a replacement.  

Hi. Try these steps if still not done. Good luck.   


Sometimes it becomes Write-protected to prevent loss of data from the drive.

If formatting does not work then contact Sandisk Support for replacement of the product if it is still under warranty.

my cruzer edge 4GB. is not allowing to copy or delete any data in that. and when i trying to format it shows windows was unable to format.

hello…I’m using a Cruzer edge 4GB USB and i don’t know how to remove the overwrite protection. i am using  windows 8 and it says there that the sharing thing is active, still i can’t  delete, rewrite or store anything in my flash drive…

Maybe this will help.


pls solution fast

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_ pls solution fast _


Click on the link in the post immediately above yours for the solution.


If you have windows…

run command.com (just do a search for it it will be there)

In the old school command line box that no one seams to care about anymore type

chkdsk e: /F /X

where e: is the drive letter assigned to your usb stick.

Wait for a few minuites at most and 99.9% of you will have a perfectly writeable usb stick even if no errors were found.

Worth a try to saves days of waiting for a replacement in the mail or a trip into town.