write protection on 4gb cruzer edge

i have sandisk  flash drive but it is write protection on 4gb cruzer .how to correct this problem?

Hi. Check out this link. Hope this helps.  


Beiker -

Memory cards are not the same as flash drives, so your link is irrelevant.

This is a Windows 7 sharing problem.  Make sure the drive is shared as Read/Write. 

Can you teach me how to set?? because i saw many people had encounter this problem and you had reply in every thread with several ways…but i see no one had succeed recover it back with you several suggestion…even me…I really hope you can teach us a recover way that really can solve this proble…no offense…I just want to recover it only…

I understand.  And while I think many of the write protection problems may be Win 7 related there are enough problems being reported where people have encountered the problem on other OSs and machines that there may indeed be a glitch in the some of the devices.

If you have access to another pc and the Edge works in it then the problem is a Win 7 problem.  If it doesn’t work in the other machine plan on returning it.  Hopefully the place were you return it, or its use on another pc, will get you your files back.


you no need apologize for that…in return,I’m very thanks about your help…at least u can suggest us the way try to solve…just I had test all…all were failed at end…

I had test this on my win7 ultimate desktop, win7 starter netbook and winXp netbook…all lead me to the same end…

so I think this cruzer edge really had this write protected problem…just hope Sadisk can solve it.

I had email Sandisk and they agree to replace me a new cruzer edge…hope all this end after the RMA…