32GB sandisk micro sd card click sounds in fuze

I just installed a 32GB micro sd card in my Fuze and the playback of files from the card is plagued by very brief dropouts (I think) that sound like clicks. This 32GB card replaces a 8GB card that worked fine. Is my card bad and is this an issue w/ big capacity cards? Thanks.

BTW sorry if this is one of those questions regularly covered in the forums as I haven’t spent much time here. Thx again.

There aren’t a lot of people yet with 32GB cards to test, unfortunately. I haven’t seen this problem reported yet at all.

The most common cause of dropouts, embarrassingly enough, is that the headphones aren’t all the way in the jack. Make sure you’ve pushed it all the way in and give it a little twist.

Once you’ve eliminated that, make sure the exact same file plays correctly  from your old card, so you know it’s not the file. 

Then check out the 32GB card.

There are a lot of fake 32GB cards out there. So test it.

Download H2testw from here and run it to test the card. (If you don’t have another card reader, put the Fuze in MSC mode, Settings/System Settings/USB Mode, and look for the drive in Windows Explorer to run H2Testw.)

And if that says the card is real and working, then run CHKDSK on it–right-click on the card’s driveletter  in Windows Explorer, Properties/Tools/Error-Checking to see if there’s a bad file on there. 

Beyond that, what kind of files are they? mp3, .wma, .flac?

Hey, thanks for the suggestions B-R. I tried the h2testw prog and it gave me “error accessing target.” I can’t even look at the properties of the card w/ windows (it just locks up for 3min then stops trying) so I’m not encouraged w/ the card. The other card plays the same files (Rhapsody Helix .wma) flawlessly and it’s also not the headphone jack…

Thanks again for the test program and suggestions. I guess the card must be bad. Dunno how I’d even try to reformat it because windows doesn’t seem to know what to do w/ it…

Don’t give up on the card yet. It might be just the USB mode.

If you’re using Rhapsody, you must have put the files on in MTP mode. Go back into MTP, and see if you can find it in Windows Explorer–you’ll have to click a few levels deeper–and run H2testW on it that way. Can you format from Rhapsody?

Thanks BR, made some progress this time. Was able to reformat from within Rhapsody. Copied some more subscription files over and listened to them – still clicking noises and some similar dropout noises that I think indicate data gaps.

Next I put the fuze into MSC mode and found the drive from w/in H2testw. Ran a short test on some of the drive:

Warning: Only 271 of 30425 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.
Reading speed: 3.08 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

So, what next? Is my sample just too limited? I might test the whole drive overnight to test the whole thing. I wonder if it is just that the fuze does not like the card for some reason? It plays the music but just w/ the ugly artifacts I mentioned…

Thx again for all your help. I’m getting edumacated.

Well, H2testW is showing it as a full-size 32GB card. That’s good. There are fake 32GB cards around that are smaller-capacity cards tricked up.

Do run the full check. I know it will take a while. but it could reveal useful information. I don’t know how h2testw works, like whether the 30425 MB is something it’s measuring or something it’s reading from (possibly fake)  information in the card. A full test would tell you, and would tell you if there are glitches in the card.

Another  thing I would try, if you’ve formatted the card and it’s now empty, is switching to MSC mode and transferring some mp3 files that way–just drag and drop, no player software in between. You can just drop them onto the driveletter. Rhapsody adds the Helix DRM, and all digital-rights muck is designed to screw up playback sooner or later, so it would be good to see if the card can play files without DRM.

If you have any physical  CD, you can go into Windows Media Player’s settings to rip it to mp3. WMP’s default is  .wma with copy protection, which is just evil.

More data!

I copied some files over in MSC: .ogg, .mp3, and old .wma --no nasty artifacts upon playback! So maybe the Rhapsody Helix DRM just doesn’t get along w/ the 32gb card or w/ my [Fuze+32GBcard]??? Helix actually seperates each music file into 2 files that a licenced player puts back together at playbeck. Maybe I’m just hearing one of the files and the clicks/dropouts are the other file not integrated?

I also did a bigger test of the card w/ identical results:

Warning: Only 6251 of 30425 MByte tested.
Test finished without errors.
Reading speed: 2.99 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

The fact that the non-drm files play fine makes me think my Fuze just isn’t ready for 32GB cards + Rhapsody ToGo. Time to contact Sansa or Rhapsody and/or send the card back to Amazon for a 16gb version?

Thnx again for the help. Getting closer to figuring this out!

Contact Rhapsody first–it’s obviously their DRM that’s messing things up. You could also try 1-866-SANDISK, the pro tech-support line, since they advertise compatibility with Rhapsody. At this point, I don’t think it’s the card.