32GB micro SD card problem

Hello everyone,

I have a refurbished 8GB fuze that I have rockboxed, it works great. Now, I have a 32GB sd card, that I plan to put audiobooks on, so folders exclusively. When I put the card in the fuze, the player either lists the folders as empty, or won’t play the files in the folders. On my fuze’s memory, the files work just fine.

I also tried the micro sd card in the non rockboxed fuze, and have the same problem. 

Please help!! Thanks in advance

Where did you get the card? We’ve been hearing about a _ lot _ of counterfeit cards being sold on-line (out of China). Mostly on E-Bay, but from some otherwise supposedly reputable dealers as well.

Thanks for your reply! I got the card on ebay, and the packaging as well as the card looked legit. Is there any way of telling if it is a fake?

Do you think that the card being a fake would explain why files get erased on it from the time I unplug it from my computer to the time I put it in my fuze. Also, why sometimes certain files will play, and sometimes they won’t?

Test with h2testw. Here’s one place to get it.