memory card shown empty but isn't


I recently bought a 8gb microSDHC for my 4gb Sansa Fuze.

My problem is, that the card appears empty when viewed on the player, though I know it isn’t. An update to Firmware Version V01.02.31F did not help.

When I plug the player in my pc, the tracks on the memory card can be seen, but when accessing the memcard on the player via music > folders, the memcard looks empty.

The card is FAT32 formatted.

Any ideas?


There’s been an awful lot of counterfeit cards being sold lately, especially from China on eBay. Could this be one of them?

If the files are visible on the card while connected to your computer, can you play them through a media player like Winamp, Media Monkey or WMP?

Do the tracks show up in the normal Fuze lists (Artists, Albums, Songs) and do they play on the player?

Are the tracks/files a supported format?

The solution was much simpler (and much more embarassing). The problem was described to me via phone, so I could not see that it was actually a ZIP-file, that was copied…

But your questions helped to get to the cause, thanks!