Sansa Fuze 32gb card problems

I have just bought a 32gb Card for my Sansa fuze 8gb.

When I am filling the card with music the card allows me to copy the files over.

When In my computer I can payday loans see the sansa fuze and the Micro SD card with the music on.

When I turn my Sansa on only the a very small amount of music appears. However when i reconnect it back to my PC the music appears fine.  Ive also tried this in a card reader and it all displays and plays ok/

Ive tried both USB Modes to no avail.


Is any of the ‘missing’ music filed under Unknown? The fuze reads & displays the information collected from the ID3 tags of the files, _ not _ the files names. If it cannot read them it classifies them as Unknown… Your tags may be missing, the wrong format or un-readable to to several other reasons.

You can however, scroll down to Folders in the Music menu and navigate by file name if you wish.

Did you get the card new or used? Sometimes people hack their cards to make them look like they have more room than they do. For example, if I were a hacker and a rip off artist, I could buy a crappy 1 gig card, hack it it to make it look like 16 gigs, and re sell it to what a 16 gig card might sell for.

Also, what file system does the card use? How did you format it? Did it come preformatted?