32 GB Mobile microSDHC Card - SanDisk

I am using Mobile model Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) and purchased 32 GB Mobile microSDHC Card used in it. Today all of sudden mobile cannot identify card. The seller shopkeeper says the card is currepted. Please guide me how I can recover data from MC.

There is no need for duplicate posts.

You will have to contact a professional data recovery service if you want to try and salvage what is on the card. Whether or not it is cost-effective though is up to you. These services are not cheap and there is no guarantee of success.

you people are totally unhelpful… and callous

Says one whose screenname is San_ Sux _Disk.

How is anything in this thread unhelpful or callous? Sounds like someone is frustrated and using this forum to lashout and vent. I hope you feel better after letting off some steam.

Have you also given equal time and ranted on Samsung’s forums?