256 Ultra only showing 31.9 gig size, cant move large file to it.

I have a 256 Ultra 3.0 Flash drive and when checked the size of the drive it show the capisty to be 31.9. Why is this and I have a file of about 126 gig to move to this drive and I dont know how to. Please let me know. I have allready moved some files to the drive but less then 30 gig. That should leave me with 226 gig to use. 


in that case you are using the drive on a host device that supports up to FAt32 or you just formatted the drive on FAT32,  what you need to do is to format the drive on ExFat and make sure to use it on a computer that supports this format. 

otherwise you can also use the HP format tool to restore the full capacity of the drive

you can download this tool from this link