2 Volumes

Hello again!

So, I have a SanDisk Ultra 128 GB.

When I went to Disk Management,

There were two separate volumes.

Is there a way to merge the two without problems?

Where did you get the drive?  Obviously used by someone.

Yes, there are tools for manipulating the drive.  I like GParted myself.  Windows Disk Management might support deleting one and expanding the other.  But Fat32 only supports drives up to 32 GB so the expanded drive will need to be formated exFAT.

Well, in my previous post, you told me to return it. However, my collegues/family and I took action to keep the drive, since we wanted to further research the drive. I was looking through Disk Management and found that it was Unallocated. So, I should Format the Unallocated storage to exFAT?

Not sure where you are seeing unallocated storage Dan.  According to your original image both partitions were formated, 1 FAT32, 2 exFAT, and both were allocated drive letters.

hmmm Interesting.  Windows doesn’t recognize 2ndary partitions on removable drives.  Yet your drive has two drive letters!!  Your drive is being seen as a hard drive rather than a removeable drive!!

So, you have two options. 

  1. Use the drive as is with it’s 2 partitions: use one partition for pictures and the other one for movies, or one partition for music and one for games, etc etc.

  2. Reformat the 1st partition as exFAT, delete the 2nd partition, expand the 1st partition to include the space that was occupied by the 2nd partition. 

Depending on your planned use of the drive option 1 may be a better option.  If you put music on the drive for use in your car the car’s system may not support exFAT drives.  Same could occur if using the drive with a cell phone.

Ask the seller if he/she has other flash drives with multiple partitions on them.

Sorry for late reply. How would option 2 be performed, may I ask?

I would think you could do it with Windows’ Disk Management.

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