2 Questions

Hi; I tried to connect external speakers to Sansa today. There was no sound at all. the speakers are philips brand and reguire power.
I ,then, attached my earbuds to Sansa, heard nothing. Switched to FM radio, and it sounded fine! Went back to My Music. Everything was okay.
I use these philips speakers with a CD player. They work fine. Does this mean Sansa must be used with earbuds or headphones only?

My second question is radio preset stations. Every time I turn Sansa on, the preset stations are deleted. I prefer to have certain stations only. When I select these stations, and put them into memory they are fine. Til next usage! Why do I keep having this problem?

1)If the speakers are powered by the headphone jack only, you’ll get a weak sound b/c the SE doesn’t output as much power thru the jack as other media players do.
If the speakers are self-powered (by means of AC plug or batteries) then you should be fine.

2)That will be fixed in the firmware update. No luck there. That’s a firmware issue

Skyl; Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Actually, what is happening is the opposite of what you are saying. $10 Philips speakers are working fine with Sansa Express. No external power. I just plug the cord into Sansa. Not too loud, but enough when I use my laptop.
The other pair of Philips speakers (they require external power) give no sound at all. Maybe Sansa cannot be used with powerful speakers. (powerful is a relative term here!)

Something’s wrong >.>;
I do remember the shape of the headphone jack also screws up the sound. Like my old hp pavillion. The headphone jack was flatand I had a plug that had a flat base on the bottom around the rubber and gold-ploated metal. the sound won’t come out unless I push it in with some extreme force b/c is was short -.-’

So I used my v-moda vibes( 2nd generation ones that look like the duo except better drivers) and it works fine and I notice that the plug has a small raised platform above the rubber(metal on the vibes). So yea, that’s the only way I see that could be wrong with your issue. Otherwise it should be what I said…