2 minutes lag when playing music in Sansa Clip Zip

My wife ordered 2 sansa clip from amazon and we obtained the 2 units last April 2014. Now my problem with my unit is that when i play my stored mp3 songs from the 32 gb microsd card ( there’s still 19 gb left), there’s approximately 2 minutes lag(silence)  before a song is played. i use a 128 kbps mp3 format. This started to happen last March 2015. Before March 2015, the unit was playing my mp3 songs normally, no lag. For testing purpose, i transferred the SD card to my wife’s unit and the mp3 songs played normally, no lag. Im a heavy user of this mp3 player so is this a sign of ‘wear and tear’ effect. Can i do something to fix this issue? I still hate to ‘retire’ this unit. Even with the 2 minute lag, the mp3 songs are played nicely, it’s just annoying to have the 2 minutes lag. your assistance please.

I would try reapplying the latest firmware–hopefully, this is just a software glitch that’s occurred over time.

See the instructions in the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

And/or format the player. Note: formatting will erase all user-added content so you will have to re-load all your songs afterwards, but formatting (along with re-applying the firmware) has been known to solve inexplicable issues before.

You could try deleting the database file so the player will rebuild it. If that doesn’t help, then I suggest editing the tags. The player wants ID3 V2.3 ISO8859-1 tags.

Yeah, i’ll try to familiarize myself the the firmware upgrade option. Thanks.

I’ll also take into consideration formatting the player since i really didn’t store anything in the player. All my songs are stored in my micro sd card so no worries on formatting the unit. 

JK98, what do you mean by deleting database file in the player? I didn’t store any mp3 songs in the internal memory of the unit since all my mp3s are in the external micro sd card. Are you referring to formatting the unit?

No, i’m referring to the file mtable.sys which holds the song database for the player. If you delete it, the player will rebuild it. Imo it it probably a tag issue though. What format are your tags in? Are they ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1?

JK98, im using ID3v2.3(ANSI).

JK98, i just deleted mtable.sys. hope this fix works.

Apparantly ID3v2.3 ANSI is the same as ID3V2.3 ISO8859-1. i looked it up and two websites said that. The tagging program I use(mp3Tag), gives the choice as IDEV2.3 8859-1.

If deleting the mtable.sys file doesn’t clear up the problem, the next step would be to format the player using the player’s menu. I assume you have copies of all the songs in your player on your pc, so it would be easy to reload them.

I just realized that if you have embedded album art that is too large it might make the player choke. If you want album art, it should instead be in a folder.jpg file in the same folder as the music files. That is how I have my album art.  Make sure it is not too large. Search the forum for the maximum size for album art. Perhaps embedded album art might be okay if it is small enough, however it seems like any embedded album art might cause problems.