2 GB Clip vs 4 GB Clip (Not exactly the same!)

I recently started a thread asking if the 4 GB Clip had more hiss than the 2 GB version i had before. I couldn’t get any positive response so i tried my uncle’s 2 GB Clip and i must admit i was wrong, the 2 GB Clip has also hiss on several tracks. Nothing dramatical of course, as i do have the same kind of hiss when playing those tracks on my computer or my Vaio Pocket.

However when i compared the 4 GB and the 2 GB versions a few details desappointed me.

First the 2 GB Clip’s oled screen is MUCH better than the 4 GB’s, it’s simply much lighter, and the same goes for the blue ring.

Take a look at this picture below


The second and most important difference was the ouput volume, it’s about 20% more powerful on the 2 GB version.  It’s no real big deal as the 4 GB is already very powerful (i recently bought a Sony DAP which sucked so much on this point that i had to sell it 1 week later) and honestly, after comparing both at the same ouput volume i couldn’t convince myself that it affected the 4 GB’s sound quality in any way.

On the positive side, the 4 GB Clip looks much better with its mirror screen and its better looking side buttons, so i’m not regretting at all the upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

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The brightness drop is caused by the silver reflective finish on the inside of the 4GB clip. It was used, as far as I can tell from the other threads in here, to make the screen blend into the front face seamlessly. One side effect was the reduced brightness. However the latest firmware (1.01.30; check the sticky on the forum) bumped up the brightness a bit, by sending more power to the OLED. I also hear they plan to release a 4GB version without this reflective coating, so this won’t be a problem for new customers. I personally don’t mind the reduced brightness. It’s not worse than a mobile or a laptop screen, anyway, so I don’t think it should be a showstopper for most people.

Regarding the volume: there’s an option in Settings->Volume for switching between High and Normal. The European firmware, for example, defaults to Normal, in order to comply to the laws there, I guess. If the volume sounds lower, perhaps that’s the reason.

Are you sure it’s caused by the silver finish? Even in a dark room you can see a big difference… the 2GB Clip is so bright that it can light the room, whereas the 4GB is much less bright. I have the last firmware on both of course.

As for volume i know about the high/normal setting, both Clips were on high volume when i compared.

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@mobbaddict wrote:

Are you sure it’s caused by the silver finish?

Well, that’s what I’ve read in some other threads. There’s no way for me to check, since I only got the 4GB version.

Also, I dunno about the volume… Are the EQ settings the same? I can’t see a reason for the volume levels to be different; it’s the same chip after all. Maybe the two headphone pairs have slightly different response.

Nope everything the same, same EQ (Jazz mode), same headphone (Denon D1001), same song, but big difference to my ears in term of volume.

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What about your loudness setting under system.  Mine always gets reset to Loud after a firmware update and I have to reset it to normal.

I checked, both were on high volume. They have the same European firmware too so i’m pretty sure it comes from the hardware…