1TB Extreme SSD Extreme Failure!

Sandisk / Western Digital “WAS” a name I trusted for years until recently. See recently I connected my SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD 1TB just like any other time and that was to store files on it as it is a “Portable External SSD” made to SAVE FILES SAFELY, or so I thought…I thought wrong this day.
I connect my drive to my 17" Dell 2 in 1 laptop like many times before, saving irreplaceable files (because you know that’s what external drives are for) as I am transferring my files I get a call so I answer it and walk away while my files are still transferring. To come back 5 minutes later to a familiar hot plastic smell and slight chemically smelling smoke so, i’m checking here and checking there…nothing…until I sit down at my desk and notice my files are done transferring, so I go to disconnect my Sandisk extreme 1TB SSD only for my hand and fingers to be greeted with extremely hot melted plastic ( the outer case of the SSD). Mind you I am using the cord meant for it and have always kept it in the case that it’s meant to be stored in. Never been dropped or gotten wet etc… etc… etc… but for some reason this day it decided it wanted to OVERHEAT itself so bad that it melted the plastic around the USB-C port all while COMPLETELY DESTROYING SAID USB-C PORT, charred like Ghostrider had it stored in his thinking cap. Heres the best part WD/SANDISK…I want to personally thank you for the trust I had in your product only to make it to where I CANNOT RETRIEVE my around 930GB of data I have on that SSD …OH OH AND…About 46GB of that 930 were IMAGES/PICTURES/MEMORIES OF MY DECEASED FATHER THAT I CAN NEVER EVER EVER GET BACK OR GET REPLACED SO THANK YOU SANDISK FOR THAT. Silly me thinking my files were safe inside your product, I know I know my bad right?! Life stole my Dad early in his life and you came through with the encore of your ■■■■ product to take undeniably non replaceable visual memories from me also. WD/SanDisk any of you sat next to your father and had to shut off the life support machine and SIT WITH YOUR HERO AS HE TAKES HIS VERY LAST BREATHES WITH NOBODY IN THAT ROOM WITH TO HELP YOU THROUGH IT…HAVE YOU??? THANK YOU WD/SANDISK I WILL NEVER USE ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN. BUYERS BEWARE PLEASE!!

Hi @VoidWalker369
Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: