180MB of space not accounted for

My Clip+ tells me 1.16 GB of space is used up, and 2.4 GB is free. Of course, native bootloader, firmware, etc. take up space to start with. But I checked my songs, they only account for 979 MB of the 1.16 GB. Where’s the other 180 MB? All the other folders on Clip+ are listed as empty, and I checked off “Display Hidden Folders”. It’s not a big deal since I have a lot of space left…but I’m curious.

Any ideas?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and try both MSC and MTP. The computer can only see one mode at a time.

It’s probably on Auto Detect, which goes to MTP if it detects Windows Media Player (10 or above) on your computer and MSC (basic USB connection) if not.  When you find the missing files, in whatever mode, transfer them to your computer, switch to MSC and send everything back over via MSC. It’s simpler that way, unless you really love Windows Media Player. 

Your player will reserve more hidden memory space for licensing codes if you are using MTP mode.