Clip 4GB memory full but can find only 1.4GM present

I’m reloading the contents of the Music folder in my 4GB Clip (see for why I’m reloading the contents) and I got a no-more-space message. Properties of the drive containing the Clip show 4GB used, but the only content I can find on it is in the Music folder that shows 1.44GB. Any ideas?

The other files are in the other USB mode. Files loaded on the player in MTP mode are only visible on the player on the pc screen  when connected in MTP mode. Those loaded in MSC mode are only visible on the pc when connected in MSC mode.

>The other files are in the other USB mode.<

Not that I could see. In MTP mode all folders are empty (and show Properties of 0 bytes) except for 926 bytes in the Service folder. There’s also a 178KB DevIcon.fil file. In MSC mode all folders are empty except the Music folder which contains 1.44GB. There are also a few small files The Clip itself (Internal Memory in MTP mode, K: drive in the MSC mode) show 4+ GB being used.

Perhaps the sample music files are hidden, and your pc is set to not show hidden files? You could just format the player(using the player menu), then copy your songs to the player again.

I just formatted the player and recopied the music. That worked. What had happened was that the original contents disappeared from being accessable but still took up space on the player, thus reducing the capacity. What actually happened and why is still a mystery.