16GB microSDHC faulty - can I get a refund ?


I recently contacted Sandisk re. this card - they mentioned replacing it (if proven faulty).

However I had to replace it myself due to urgency (it is my main mobile phone memory card), so don’t really need another card.

Can I get a refund instead (under Sandisk 5 year warranty - the retailers 12month guarantee expired) ?


You’ll have to ask SanDisk directly:


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Hi you can contact them. Usually they will troubleshoot with you first(hopefully it gets resolved). If not, then you can ask options. Hopefully a refund is available. Im just saying based on experience. I’ve been technical and customer support myself… hehe 

Contacted them - replacement only, no refund :angry:

Bit tight …

@swayzak wrote:

Contacted them - replacement only, no refund :angry:


Bit tight …

Not really. I don’t know of any manufacturer that will issue refunds (to retail customers) with regards to warranties, regardless of the product.

They (the manufacturers) sell their products (ususally) through distributors. These distributors mark up their costs (for their profit margin) and sell to retailers. The retailers also mark the product up and sell it to you and I.

Why should the manufacturer have to issue a refund, at more than 3 times their cost on the product?