16GB microSDHC card


I bought 16GB micro SDHC card. When i coping some files in to this card, removing it from PC and conecting back my files are disaper. Explorer showing, that files are here, but when i opening folders they are empty. what can be a problem? When i triing format it with NTFS i’m getting error, that Windows was unable to format disk.


Your 16GB card needs to be formatted to FAT32, not NTFS.

Yes. But when it’s formated with FAT32 or exFat i have problem with file disapering.

Don’t format it to exFAT either . . . FAT32!

As far as your files disapperaing, you’ll have to give us more information on exactly what type of files you’re using and how you are transferring them for us to guess at what the problem might be.

Don’t leave anything out; tell us everything step-by-step.

OK step-by-step:

i put my card to PC - with Windows explorer coping 21 audiobook (7,97GB) to card - copy process is ok - removing card from PC - inserting it back - there are all folders, but jus 4 of them are with content (about 1,18GB), all other folders are empty (all *.mp3 files are disapered). Before card was quick formated with FAT32.

OK, but you didn’t tell us anything about the files. “Audiobooks” tell us nothing. Are these audiobook files you yourself ripped from a CD and are in .mp3 or .wma format? Are they audiobook files you downloaded from Audible.com or your local library? Are they all the same, or do you have some of one and some of another format?

Transferring over 8GB at one time may be over-taxing the RAM in your computer. You should try copying over like 1 book at a time. Then you can check it to see if there’s a problem with particular files before moving on to the next one.

Are you connecting the card to your computer with a card reader (built-in or exrternal plugged into a USB port) or using the card slot in an mp3 player? If using a card reader, is it SDHC-compatible? Not all are. Anything above 4GB and larger is SDHC format. 2GB and smaller are SD format.

When you say “inserting it back” . . . what exactly do you mean, inserting it back into what? The computer? An mp3 player?

And you probably shouldn’t use the Quick Format option. Format it again using the Windows regular format option. It will still only take a few minutes.

My audiobook are all files *.mp3. it’s no diferents how i conecting card to the PC. I tried fwe diferent ways (adapter, card reader, mp3 player) result is allways the same. When i was triing copy folder one by one i was able copy just 2 folders. Third folder always after disconeccting and reconeccting card was empty. And no mater in what sequency i’m copiing folders.

Is this a new memory card? Before the 32GB cards came out, the favorite target of counterfeiters was the 16GB version. They’d take a 2GB card and make it appear (both externally and to your computer) like a 16GB card. It’s sounding like this could be your problem; the fact that you can put some files on (2 audiobooks), but then it doesn’t accept any more.

Try testing the card with H2testw 1.4. If it’s fake or defective this test should tell you.


I run this test and got such result:

Warning: Only 15561 of 15562 MByte tested.
The media is likely to be defective.
805.9 MByte OK (1650672 sectors)
14.4 GByte DATA LOST (30218256 sectors)
Details:217.0 MByte overwritten (444432 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
14.1 GByte corrupted (29773824 sectors)
210 MByte aliased memory (430080 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x00000000325fe000
Expected: 0x00000000325fe000
Found: 0x00000003cc800000
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 2.44 MByte/s
Reading speed: 7.81 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

That’s meaning that my card is fake?

Looks like it to me. Where did you buy it? Does it have a serial number on the face of the card like this one?

I boght it in ebay. After i done test i was litle bit angry and broked this card and put it in trash. But seller promissed me refund and send for me new card when will get from factory. But how i can remember there was no any numbers printed on that card, just writen that’s SanDisk 16GB microSDHC card.

Yep, eBay is where the majority of these counterfeit card are being sold (out of China). It’s good if the seller is willing to give you another one, provided it’s not fake too. :wink:

Thanks for hepl :smiley: