16Gb Extreme USB 3.0 - Unable to backup a single 10Gb vdi file on usb stick 16Gb


I can’t understand why I can’t backup a vdi file on an 16Go USB Stick.


does not apply.

HOST  : windows 10 version 1607 (14393.321)

Copy fron Host to USB Key.

Source file :
Size : 10,1 Go (10 865 344 512 octets)
Size on disk : 9,30 Go (9 991 163 904 octets)
compressed disk tick : ON
Format : NTFS

Dest USB Key :
size after format : 14.9 Go (16 008 589 312 octets)
compressed disk tick : ON
Format : NTFS

Process stopped after more than 4Gb
data left :1 ( 5,3 Go)
with message : Need 5,3 Go to copy this file.

see screen copy of the message : http://paste.opensuse.org/34570270

Seems that the usb key is not recognize as NTFS format ?
The error appear after 4GB has been copied ==> Fat32 limit!

Try with other sandisk extreme 16Gb : same error.

Any help is welcome.

Not sure how it got formated to NTFS but I would recomend exFAT instead.

NTFS Formated fron windows 10 explorer menu format.

Both source and destination have option compress disk set to ON.

Same problem when copyng single file of size 44Gb to sandisk extreme 64Gb with 62 336 061 440 Octets free ( 58 Gb )

Source and destination are NTFS formated.

Both have compressed disk option set to ON.

Note : both sandisk extrem are type of SDCZ80

New drives 32 GB and larger are factory formated as exFAT and no compression and accept large files.  I’m not sure formating with Windows supports the factory cluster alignment but you might try that approach.  NTFS was designed for fixed disks not removable drives.

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