16 GB Cruzer Fit bootable Win 7 Ultimate x64 kills kboard and mouse drivers of the host PC

When creating a bootable USB on 16 GB Cruze Fit SanDisk, in the final step of the procedure, “The first switching on” (don’t remember the exact wording), the KB/mouse pointer froze and never recovers. The host PC Win 7 OS is stuck too. I have another partition, on the same PC, with Win 10, which still works fine.

What did Microsoft Support say about the Windows 7 problem on your pc?

their automatic secretary refers me to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/310923/usb-keyboard-or-mouse-may-not-work-after-you-restart-your-computer-in
“USB Keyboard or Mouse May Not Work After You Restart Your Computer in MS-DOS Mode” but I am not well-up in this field (programming, working with BIOS, etc.)
My host PC’s KB and mouse, which are down, are standard USB devices.

I suspect your Windows 7 needs a driver for your hardware. Find the brand of the devices in your Windows 10 system then go to the brand’s website and see if they offer drivers for Windows 7.

Since Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 you probably won’t find them there.

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 last year and found the new release similar to 7 and easy to adapt to.