1 Gigabyte of music invisible in MSC mode

Hi guys. I see my Sansaclip as a usb storage device with the root My computer/Sansa clip 2gb/Internal memory The folders on the internal memory are: Albums, audiobooks, music, playlists, podcasts, record, service - and a file, devicon. I put music on the Sansa when buying it a month ago, and it’s been great. Now, I wanted to find those albums, that work great on the Sansaclip, to delete some of them, but this is not possible. The mentioned folders are all empty, except for the Music folder with the 4 folders of testsongs shipped with the Clip. However, the internal memory is indeed full, and I have obviously checked “show hidden files/folders”, so that is not the problem. Where has the Sansa Clip hidden all the music, and what can I do to be able to see it again? Could the problem be that I loaded the music from win2k and that I now use winxp? That sounds absurd, as it’s simple mp3 files, but given this player just hides away 1 Gb, anything is possible. Appreciate your help.

See my answer here: Free Space slowly decreasing.

It seems your Win2K machine wrote the files in MSC mode, while the XP computer uses MTP. 

Exactly correct. Thank you!