ZipLinq AC Charger won't charge Sansa Clip

I’ve just bought a ZipLinq X2 AC Charger which works perfectly to charge other USB based devices. When I try to charge the Clip with it I get a “connected” screen (as if I were connected to the PC), but the battery icon switches immediately from “empty” (not filled-up) to full (steady yellow). On the charger side, the charge indicator flashes to red (charging) but quickly gets back to green (charge complete). It seems both devices behave as if charge is complete but it never really starts. When I disconnect them, I get the “empty” battery icon back.

Is there anything I should do to charge Sansa Clip with the ZipLinq X2 charger?

Try masking off the data lines in the center of the charger USB port with some tape,  this will prevent the USB connection,  and if there is 5V  present and ground on the outer pins,  the device should charge.

You can use it to charge sansa clip with condition its output is 5V