Z400s Solid State Drive (curse)

 ScanDisk Z400s, Solid State Drive. SATA 256GB.

S/N 154955401123
WWN: 5001B44F1FA4C3A3.
Date: 1/25/16
Originally, gave my Gaming Computer a problem, throwing off the Microsoft activation key, years ago. Now, it has still some curse, so when a HP mini 800 G2 computer that has the activation key in bios for Windows 10, now the Windows 10 installation media, freezes, and then has an alternate behavior, that behaves differently. The first time, I installed Windows 10, version 2004, the folder at the bottom, that is the icon for My PC, was a white icon that did not work.
The issue of computer memory, back then when puny earthlings could not have anything but huge American made core memory, did not want this
from alien organizations outside our realm. With the same computer, I can put in a newly bought INTEL or KINGSTON, SSD, and not have any problems. The Microsoft authorities must be able to know all the information about this device, while we are clean installing Windows 10.
Can you do anything about this injustice and curse.
I spent all day, and then the next day, before I tried another HD. Fatigue was setting in, and I was delerious, and really slept soundly that night.

  IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.   Intel(R) 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI controller,  on a HP Elitedesk G1 mini, this ScanDisk drive works smoothly.   Firmware Revision Z2201000, Hard Disk Serial Number, 154955401123.   No Windows 10, version 20H0 installation problem.  The HP G2 mini has a Intel(R) series 100/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller, that has to be a drive in the Windows 10 installation media.  A driver came afterwards, but not in the installation media.
  CRITICAL UPDATES, that the installation media was looking for, did not come through, with Windows 10 installations on the HP G2 mini.
    A good thing that our CPU is not bad, or set wrong, causing this.

ScanDisk SSD-updater-220100. Update the SSD
Bios. Works like a charm. Upadate was available.

  google search for your exact SSD Model number.   The updater

takes care of it well. For this exact model, this is the link.