Z400S? Good on Sandisk.

Just read about Sandisk’s new z400s SSD drives. They are supposed to deliver mid level performance at HDD level prices. That’s good for Sandisk. They would be the first one to break the price wall. But why aren’t we beta testing these drives? Readycache is dead. With windows 10 coming out soon, our Readycache drives aren’t going to keep up. Right? Sandisk could give us promo drives or even discount coupons for the z400s. That would have been a quality move by Sandisk folks.


i think that would be a wonderful idea to share with sandisk direct. so you can send an email with this information and maybe they will take it into consideration to have some promo codes for the drive.

the z400s is an OEM drive from what I have read it will not be available to the retail market. 

They can see it here just fine. If they already plan to not take smooth steps with their disgruntled Rcache customers then emailing or knocking on their doors won’t make any difference. They are also coming out with a fast 2tb drive. That’s a set of bold moves by this company considering the fact they couldn’t even properly roll out and maintain their low end products and the reputation that goes with it.