Can't even install ExpressCache under Windows 10 !?

First the software hosed itself on upgrade and after I’ve done a clean Win10 64bit install, I can’t install the **bleep** thing at all because it refuses to see the SanDisk ReadyCache drive in my system even though it’s properly plugged in and functional.

This is the shoddiest product support I’ve seen in years. Sandisk knew Win10 is in the works, they even had the test builds and they decided to do absolutely nothing. And here we are, 3rd months after Windows 10 release and still ZERO support. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else from Sandisk anytime soon. My whole bloody system performance sits on top of this thing and now I’m stuck with a HDD only performance. Absolutely unacceptable.

Most software works fne on Win10 even though it was designed for Win8.x or older, just not this **bleep** ExpressCache. They’d just have to fiddle with the stupid installer so it detects the drive properly. Instead, NOTHING is being done to address the issues. Aaaargh. Lazy Sandisk.