You tube to Sansa - is it possible???

I have downloaded a music video from You Tube by using real player streaming video recorder.  When I pull up my Sansa media converter and go to location where I saved the streaming video it is no where to be found - can anybody help me??

Probably not in this board as it is for “HOW-TO videos”, NOT"How to put videos on your player!"

However, if you click the link in the sticky (shaded) post, and scroll down to the Sansa Media Converter, you will find a “How-To” video that might help. You can also get additional help in the Sansa Media Converter board here.

just download the free software at dvdvideosoft the free youtube downloader,convert the video to avi file.then sansas convert can convert avi file so find where dowload went click on it and convert

i use MelodyCan YouTube Ripper. It`s free. I got MelodyCan Video version with 25% discount.