Yet Another Album Art question? Sorry

When adding album art (via Monkey Media) Do I need to resize it? (If so is 200 x 200 good) Or does fuze resize it automatically?


The Fuze will resize it, but it can’t handly very large images. 200x200 is fine - its larger than the resolution on the Fuze.

I don’t think it’s an exact science.  I’ve had a few album art files that wouldn’t display properly, even though they were approximately 150 x 150.  And even though the file size was under what I have been told would work, they still wouldn’t display.  By trial and error I found out that no matter what the image size or file size is, my fuze anyway, doesn’t like high resolution files.

One for example was 150 x 150, but the file size was 34K; quite large of a file for this small a graphic.  So, I loaded the image into my photo editor program and lowered the resolution so the resulting file size was approximately 10k…Then the image displayed properly on the fuze.