X600 SSD read/write speed slow

Hey all,

I bought a new Sandisk X600 M.2 SSD a couple weeks ago and I’m doing some file transfers and the read/write speed is slow. I’m not getting more than 12 MB/s.

I have a brand new HP laptop that I bought a couple weeks ago as well, and am running Windows 10 with TRIM enabled. Sandisk’s SSD dashboard shows the SSD’s health is good with 100% remaining. The ‘Interface Speed’ shows the SSD capability is 3 GB/s, but the connection is 6GB/s. The firmware is apparently up to date.

My specs are: Intel i3 7100U, 2.40 GHz 

                          8GB RAM

                          CPU-Z says my motherboard is HP with model number 8367

                          Windows 10, 64bit

The SSD seems to work quickly otherwise, all processes running fast, only in file transfers it runs slowly.

Can anyone advise me on this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try the short connection type/c cable that came with :grinning: i hope thats helped