Wrong Artist in song view?

Hi, I have an odd problem? I thinnk.  When I view my songs in my song list, some of the songs have the wrong artist listed underneath of them. But when I play the song ,the right artist is displayed. Does anyone else encounter this? Thanks.

does this only happen on specific tracks or does it seam random? I have not seen the issue but maybe if you can upload a problem track we can test with it and see if we can figure out the issue.

It’s not random in the sense that it changes everytime. Only certain tracks consistantly display the wrong artist.  One example is “Fire and Rain”. On the List, it says the artist is The Who. When I play the song, the artist is correct, James Taylor.  How would I upload the track?

are the ID3 tags correct on the file? you can use a site like megaupload its free. upload the file there and post a link to it here.

Everything looks to be correct in the properties, although I do not know exactly what ID3 is. Here is the file. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PTPCBG62

after looking into this a little closer i am seeing the same thing on my player. I reported it to sandisk support and they said they will look into it. hopefully they will have an update soon.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Glad it’s not just me.

I’m getting this too. All my music is on my 8gb external and in song view almost all of them show up with the wrong artist tag. When actually playing, it has the right tags though.

Bumping this thread, because I’m having the same problem. In the currently playing window, everything shows up fine, it’s just the Songs menu that displays it wrong. It’s a pretty severe issue, IMO, please address it =P

How many song tracks do you have on your device?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Had around ~350. Can’t say a ton more about this (except that they do show up correctly in the Now Playing screen) since I’ve returned the Fuze+ and gotten myself a sleek Clip+ instead. Best choice I’ve made in awhile.

You can’t go wrong with the Clip+ , I love its speed, and the interface is well refined.   The Fuze+ is the new kid on the block, with refinements yet to come, of course. 

I have to switch gears, switching between the two currently.  The Clip+ is great, as I can toss it about without worrying about tripping the touch pad.  Looking forward to some sensitivity tweaking…

Video is loads of fun on the bigger screen, and the graphic interface is fun to work with.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: