WMA tag import bug with "Artist" and "Title" unknown

There is a bug where the player doesn’t “see” the artist or title when they don’t come first in the WMA header. I’ve got version one firmware by the way, don’t know if the bug exists in all versions? I used WMP11 to convert my MP3 files to WMA as they were synced to my player. Anyways those two tags are in a different format from all others except the “comment” so I’m guessing the player looks for them first in the WMA and gives up if it first encounters the “other format” ones. The player will display these songs as “Unknown” on the top line with the filename instead of the title on the next line on the left and the album tag (which it does pick up) on the right. I was able to hex edit an WMA file to put these tags first and it then worked! Unfortunately I can’t find an existing program that can do this for you :cry: but I’ve coded a little DOS/Windows command line utility to do this automatically for all .WMA files in a directory and its subdirectories if any. It can even be used right on the player when mounted as a drive as it only fixes those that the player can’t read tags from, does the minimum of writing and does that writing in place with out duplicating the file so it doesn’t wear out your flash! Please let me know if you are or are not having the same problem, what version of firmware you have, and if you’d be interested in the “fix” utility :smiley:. I’ve only tested it on the 130 files I have on my player but it found 2/3 of them needed “fixing” and they all work fine now!


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I’m interested.  I used to have all my artists/album names, but I reformatted my device and now only some of them show up by album

and artist, with “Unknown” showing.