Write protected promblem

My sandisk cruzer blade 16 GB pensive is write protected . :frowning: how can solve it ? Plz reply

If your IT staff didn’t set a limit on your office computer, then the flash drive is faulty.

Go to the distributor or call SanDisk Technical Support to get a new one.

You can probably try a reformat. Juust plugin your stick, right click my computer, and then hit on reformat. 

You can probably try a reformat

No.  Reformating requires the ability to write to the drive.  If the drive is write protected it can’t be written to by anything including formating.  The drive needs to be replaced.

my prblm is that…and also wot can i do … ??

@sajinmax555 wrote:
my prblm is that…and also wot can i do … ??

  1.  Use Spell Check.
  2. Return the card for another one.

oops ! i miss its guarantee card :frowning: what can i do now ?


Contact SanDisk directly regarding warranty issues.