Won't show up in Windows Explorer (16GB SanDisk 45MB/s Class 10)


I have two exact the same  16GB SanDisk 45MB/s Class 10 for over 2 years now, I’ve been using them with my Nikon D5100. One of the two SD cards won’t show up in Windows Explorer since a few weeks. I’m running Windows 8.1 64-bit and I’m using the built-in SD card reader on my ASUS N550JK

Funny thing is, the other SD card still shows up like they both normally did. The malfunctioning SD card still works and I can still access my photos through another PC. Also, connecting the Nikon with my PC with the SD card inside my camera allow me to access the pictures.

Does anyone know how to solve this? I want it to show up in my Windows Explorer like it did a few weeks ago.

Thanks in advance.


i m not sure i get you right, but as you say the card shows up when its in the Camera and the Camera connected via USB to the PC? But if you plug the card into a cardreader via USB to  the PC it dont shows in Windows Explorer?

you could try this, on Win7

Windows Button > System Control > System and Security > System Management ( not sure i translate correct, on german Windows its “Computerverwaltung” ) > than go down to  “Diskmanager”.

There you see all your connected harddisks, so dont mess around with your PC Systems Drives like C:/ .

But if you see your SD Card there as a 16GB Drive, rightclick and click “change” or “change drive letter” , than add a drive-letter and it show up again in windows explorer.

Hope i could help…

Thank you for your reply!

Strangly enough, the problem solved itself… I don’t know what I changed to my computer. Maybe installing Windows Updates? I don’t know.