Won't play digital copy of movies

I have a PC. I bought a movie that came with a digital copy. I put the digital copy into iTunes. I dragged the copy from my PC to the SanDisk wireless flash drive. I connected my iPad to the flash drive. I found the movie on the flash drive. I touched it to play it. The flash drive gives me the following message:

“This file is protected. Protected files may play in Safari if your device is authorized to view this content. Tap here to attempt to play file in Safari.”

So I “tap here”. It opens Safari and tells me “Cannot Open.”


The digital copy of the movie is DRM protected. The WFD does not play DRM protected files so it gives you the option of opening the file in Safari (the default web browser for iOS) If Safari can’t open the file it likely does not have the plugin for the codec used in the digital movie file. All you can really do is see if there is a plugin  for Safari that will let it play that file type. If not you will not be able to play the file without striping the DRM or converting the file to a different file type. 

Download Azul media player.  I started using this app when I got my Ipad 1.  It will play the Disney,(Frozen, Tangled, etc…), movies that I loaded onto the SanDisk WiFi from Itunes in Safari.  In addition, it will play different formatted videos sent to me by e-mail.  Well worth the $3.00!  Happy viewing!