WMA 10 support

As you know there is a new vervion of WMA codec WMA 10. I would like if my Clip supports it.

I tried to convert some FLAC files to WMA 10 with 64 kbps. And it sounds much better than WMA 9.2 or WMA 9 PRO. 


it would be better if the clip will support FLAC.

rockbox! rockbox! rockbox! :smileyvery-happy:

What do you use to convert to WMA10? is it a newer version of WMP11?

WMA at 64kbps? Wow, that probably only sounds better than MIDI :D.

wmencoder  5.50.4134.600

download link  (i’m not sure that it’s not a russian language version)

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ha ha ha ! that’s not funny! you think 2 Gb (1.8 Gb) enough fot FLAC ?

have you listened some uncompressed audio files encoded with WMA 10 at 64 kbps?

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that link was for a wmencoder series 9 installer.  are you sure series 10 is out? I can’t even find it on the microsoft site.

You’re right - it’s WM encoder 9 series

but, there are profiles for encoding audio files with WMA 10.

(Also be sure if you have installed Media Format 11 Runtime)

Or you can use Switch

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Here’s something interesting. So I was able to figure out the WMA 10 Pro format, and it is available with WMP11. WMA10Pro in fact does not play, however, check this:

I synced them to the Clip using WMP11 (instead of explorer drag and drop). Now is the interesting part. WMP11 converted the WMA10 Pro format to WMA 9.2 before transferring to device. Why would WMP11 do that?

My guess is I think WMA 10 Pro format by Microsoft spec is not to be handled with portable devices. This is only a guess though, and is the only thing I can think of why WMP11 would convert their own profile to a different one before transferring.

No WMP11 did not detect what the clip supports because I connected the clip via mass storage. Also I verified this with a usb thumb drive, and it still converted the files before transfer.

So its safe to say I don’t think WMA 10 pro was meant for being supported by portable players (or at least by Sansa anyways).

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That’s why i created this post(i ask sansa fixers do add WMA10 support)

Almost all of portable players can’t play WMA10 (dont’ know 'bout Zune)