Why only mp3's?

My sister just bought a 512MB Sansa Shaker and she uses WMP 10 on her laptop, which the package said was a “minimum requirement.”  Why then does this Sansa not support .wma music files.  It is very annoying to use a media converter on every song that she wants to add to her player.

Windows Media Player 10 is set to default music rip settings of WMA, you can change that to MP3 through Tools, Options, Rip Music, and change to MP3.

at least any future music you rip, will be able to work without converting.

I tried setting it to rip as mp3 files, but it claims it doesn’t have an mp3 codec to use.  It gave me that message on two different computers.

Upgrade to WMP11? 

On one of my pc’s, I did upgrade to WMP 11 and it still claims not to have an mp3 codec.

Dumb question - but are the computers all up-to-date with the XP updates? I’m pretty sure microsoft makes you download a whole bunch of them in order to get WMP11 … but it almost sounds like something that should have been installed didn’t get installed.

I’d almost suggest uninstalling the WMP all together and then reinstalling it, being sure to accept any and all updates it prompts you to download. I’ve never run into a problem with either WMP10 or 11 not wanting to make MP3 files o.O;;

WMP 10 came with a SP 2 update on one of my computers, while I upgraded to WMP 11 on a laptop that I bought around Christmas that still has XP.

I saw something similar back in the day when i had WMP10’s.  I upgraded to 11 and it fixed it… shucks.

Perhaps ensure all the windows updates are installed and up to date?

Try windows.com for a good codec for WMP 10…

I have most of my music in iTunes in Mpeg4 format. anyone know how to get it to mp3 format? I have no idea.

There is a convert in iTunes, spybookworm.