Windows Media Player cannot see songs on Fuze

I have an 8G Fuze with the latest version of firmware.  A couple of days ago I was using Windows Media Player (Version 11) to sync music onto the player, and it froze mid-sync.  I was able to get it working again, and successfully got the music synced onto the player, but now Windows Media Player cannot see any of the music I had on my Fuze before the freeze-up.  It can see the albums that I’ve put on since.  I’ve tried both MTP and MSC modes, and I’ve also tried going into My Computer in Windows (Vista) to see if the music could be viewed that way–I had the same problem there, too.  The music is still definately on the Fuze, and Windows Media Player sees that half the memory on the Fuze is full.  Any suggestions? 

if you still got all the music on your computer, you can format the fuze and then resync it :slight_smile: