Windows Media Player 11 Not Syncing with Sandisk Clip 2GB

I have a new HP Pavilion dv6 that has windows media player 11 I have my old Sandisk Clip that I tried to sync new music to however the Sync on Windows Media Player is disabled (this never happened with my old PC). I have been talking to Sandisk through chat and they really messed up things they had me remove everything from my player and drag and drop each song into the Music Folder on the SanDisk that seemed to cause more problems…now its saying I need to renew my subscription which I never had…i have just burned my music…I have switched the USB connection to MTP, MSC to AutoDect and nothing seems to work. I even tried to go on Microsofts site and download fixes and I got the message back the fix is not needed. The one problem that I have been getting is wmdmps.dll error when downloading a fix when I was on the microsoft to get the fix.

Please help!


And so, what would you think about refomatting your Clip under its Settings (note:  this will erase the Clip’s content; transfer anything you want to keep to your computer first); switching the USB mode to MSC mode; and then simply dragging and dropping (or copying and pasting) content to your Clip?  Works for me every time …

Hello Mike: I have done that (clear the Clip, dragged and dropped) content into the Clip however now I’m getting this messages on half the songs that states, “Synchronize to Continue you Music Subscription” and places the song on pause and won’t play the song.  I don’t have a subscription and this seems to be happening on all the songs I have “rip” of my CDs it’s just really frustrating any suggestions? Thanks again for your assistance

By any chance, did you try out the Rhapsody subscription service on your Clip?  For some reason, the Clip thinks that you have subscription music on it.  Or might there be some WMP setting as to subscription music, or could you have some subscription music files left on your Clip (perhaps from when you tried out a subscription service, or sent to you from a friend)?   

The “synchronize to continue music subscription” message was chosen as the most logical error message flag for any one of several DRM issues.  The most common remedy is to “renew” by  synchronizing with the subscription client, such as Rhapsody, Napster, Audible, or Overdrive.

Guess what!  There’s another client, Windows Media Player itself.  If your files are Windows Media Audio, you have the option of enabling copy protection (DRM) on your files.  If something goes amiss with the DRM license store in your device, such as a secure clock or ID issue, the message will appear.

Normally, DRM licenses are automatically renewed when the device is connected in MTP mode, and the client  synchronizes the files on the device.  Rhapsody, for example, has made an improvement to this operation with their latest client.  When the Sansa is plugged in, you will immediately see a message if the DRM licenses need attention.

With WiMP11, it’s a simple matter of connecting in MTP mode, then pressing the Sync button to allow the application to inspect the transferred files.  I say this, as it covers most cases.  WiMP does not have a tool to manually reset the secure clock like Rhapsody does.  Well, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves.  If you format the device, this clears the license data as well as the music itself.  Retransferring the music will also transfer a new license.

Sometimes, you can “go deep” and delete the license store from the device, but if you’ve formatted, this won’t be necessary.  In the future, if you are using windows media audio:  Options > Rip Music tab > Look for Rip Settings.  If wma is desired, be sure to turn off copy protection.

Be sure that your player has the latest firmware installed, as DRM issues (the flag) were addressed in later firmware builds.

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