Windows 7 x64 is not detecting Cruzer Pop 32GB a second time


I’ve the strange behavior, that Windows 7 x64 on my own pc and on my work pc recognizes the stick only the first time. I plug it in, Windows installs the drivers, everything is okay and accessible. Then I unmount it, drag it out, plug it again in and Windows recognizes the device, but cannot access it(no driveletter, drivemgmt hangs, google chrome hangs oO). when i drag the stick out the pc is fine again. why i do not think it’s the stick, booting from it and working in linux works without problems. to me it seems, that the windows driver is somehow damaged, when i remove all devices from hardwaremgmt and remove the infcache it works again… for one time.

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Hey, I had the same problem too. Here it’s the software that comes with the flash drive. So I backed up everything on the flash drive to my computer, then formatted it and copied everything back to the flash drive but do not copy the sandisk software. The sandisk software was the cause of the problem. Now my flash drive work like a normal one does. Let me know if this worked for you. Good Luck Matt

Sadly that I already done, the USB Stick is formatted and the SanDisk software is replaced by truecrypt. Same behaviour in Windows 7.



For issues like this. Try formatting it via Safe Mode. Since it will hang when plugged in. I believe everything will be back to normal after.