Windows 7 see only 128GB for Sandisk N210 480GB SSD (SATA 3)

I used two SanDisk N210 480GB SSD (SATA 3) for my Window 7 desktop. I called it DriveC (win7 boot drive) and DriveD (data for video encoding…storage). Three month ago the DriveD suddenly get locked. Win7 cannot read/write to it. I tried it on laptop with no hope. I also tried to use it as Ext USB drive…Win7 still cannot read/write as it was locked. I have to use iOS utility to wipe the SSD drive and reformat it to get 480GB SSD drive back. The lock indicator seems to go away. Win7 sees both drives have 480GB for around 3 months. Yesterday bad luck stroked again. The DriveD disappeared from Win7, and the SSD hard drive showed as unformatted/assigned by system. Win7 needs to format before It can be accessed and used…Disk management can only see 128GB. Paragon disk management also recognize 128GB SSD drive. I’m not sure where is the rest of the 480GB SSD SATA drive goes???

How can I recover lost partition or get the SSD SATA back to 480GB? It has latest firmware as report by SanDisk Dashboard tool.