Win7 Ultra USB 3.0 --- cannot install

“OK” is grayed out after I enter and confirm my password.

I did turn off Read/Only to the vault and downloaded the current version ( identical to version on Ultra ).

Attempted install on Win 8.0 system;  “Installing Ultra” setup files on my SSD never completes.

I couldn’t find this topic addressed in the forums.

Not sure I understand the question.  If you’re speaking about SecureAccess the download must be copied to the USB drive and installed from there.

Exactly what I did.  The download was identical to the executable already on the Ultra USB.

SanDiskSecureAccessV2_win.exe   7,591KB  Created: 9/23/2014

Specifically, the Create Password screen has [OK] grayed out after confirming Password Strength as excellent.

Sorry, I’m out of ideas.

A security issue with the machine’s AV maybe?


My idea would be that in the screen with the password creation you have some must option where you can select which ones you would like to use in the password. When you dont select any of these options you can setup a very basic password for the vault without any speciall characters or number.

So maybe if you dont select any of these options you can press the ok button for the password creation

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This is just to double check. Have you typed in “Confirm Password” as well?

There are diffezrent AV programs on Win7 and Win8;  unlikely the problem.

No complaints coming from either progam.  The installer is “safe to run”.

The Ultra USB 3.0 is plugged into a USB 2.0 socket on Win7 machine; into a USB 3.0 socket on Win8.

Both machines are current with respect to firmware and Microsoft patch levels.

I used sysinternals procmon to record the system calls

to see if there was one that failed.

Ans:  No failed system calls.

No system calls after creating/confirming my password, accepted as “excellent”.

I confirmed there was no other version of the installer running ( I rebooted ),

and confirmed there was no partial install of the product on my machines.

I already said in the first post the password was confirmed,

the installer acknowledged that and confirmed it was “Excellent”.

Thanks.  The first 4 options are pre-selected;   I unchecked the boxes and could then press “OK”.

The password met all the requirements of the checked boxes.

My previous test was to [x] check the last box … not eliminate all of the selections.

Completely bizarre that I’m the only one to have discovered this installation issue.

The only remaining question is whether I will trust my data to a program that can’t install properly;

what other bugs lurk behind the green door.


you can of course use the software but as always i would recommend to have several backups of your data on other places as well to ensure that you dont lose any of it if the usb will brake or get lost.

but this theory i would suggest for any data you have stored on your pc not only of the flash drive