Why won't newly added songs show up on my player?

This is only a recent problem I’ve been having.  I have an 8 GB Clip Zip + a 32 GB SanDisk card, recently switched to MSC mode for drag-and-drop use with no stupid folder renaming issues (I reformatted it and re-added everything again from scratch when I did this).  Anyway, recently, new songs won’t show up on the player after it refreshes the library. The files are on the card (I can confirm this by plugging it into my PC and browsing for them) but when I try to listen to them via the player, it can’t even find them. They don’t show up under any menu selection. It’s as if they don’t exist except as data files stored on it that can be retrieved via PC, but not recognized as songs by the player. 

All my song files are consistently and properly tagged. Right now the only way I can add new songs to it and actually be able to listen to them is to make sure all of the files are backed up on my hard drive, reformat the card, and re-add everything at once (which, of course, takes an hour or two).  This is ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to reformat the thing and re-add a few thousand song files every time I want to add even a single file to the player.  Could it be that my external card is defective? I would hate to buy a new card only to have the same thing keep happening.

how many files in total do you ahve on the player? the zip has a database limit of 8000 files. this number will be reduced if you ahve long file names or deeply nested folders. 

And simply by way of comparison, I don’t have deeply nested files or long folder or file names, but my player “accepts” well under 8000 files–there’s a bit of unpredictabilty here.  

With my old Sansa E250r, I had a similar problem. New songs would not show up/play that are on the card (They would show up when I put the card in my phone and worked there) so it would be something with the player. Not sure what.

That mp3 player also would be “filled” even after reformatting it but then say there were no songs on it and wouldnt let me add any either. Not sure if the same is happening to yours. 

Is there a player that dont have file limits and dont seperate internal and sd music?

@redford wrote:

Is there a player that dont have file limits and dont seperate internal and sd music?

Unfortunately, not from SanDisk. At least not any of the current ones. If you can find an older model, like Clip+ or Zip, they can combine internal & external memories but they too have file limits, although much higher.

The way I understand it,  the reason for this is that the processing unit (not made by SanDisk) was discontinued by the manufacturer and the current one is shall we say, less robust and feature-filled.

I own a Clip+. It is a good little music player and affordable.