Why is the Sandisk Extreme 64GB still showing as Local Disk?

We all know about the problems caused by Sandisk caving into Microsoft by turning their flash drives into Local Disks.

Sandisk stated that as of late 2013 they were reverting back to ‘Removable Disks’.

I have just received two flash drives from Amazon  in 2014 copyrighted packaging containing old ‘Local Disk’ flash drives, what is going on?

I sent the first one back to Amazon and they assured me that they had brand new current stock, when I received my replacement it was also Local Drive.

Have Sandisk reverted back to ‘Local Disk’ again?

Or did they lie, and continue producing ‘Local Disk’ flash Drives?

Thanks in advance.

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I have now, the same confusion as you.

Where have the last word on this subject, it is in: SanDisk Technical Support: http://www.sandisk.com/about-sandisk/contact-us/

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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Hello. So i was about to purchase SanDisk Cruzer Extreme but during a little research i find out that i wont be able to install OS with this without any additional efforts because Sandisk decided to produce their USB flash drives differently than 99% other manufacturers.
What’s the chance to get one as fixed drive instead of removable? Or should i stick with something else?

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Please, you can also send the question to the support team: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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Well, thanks for the answer, even tho it looks like it’s sent automatically in each case. I’m about to contact with the support team.

Correct. This is a driver issue and Sandisk support I think is the only one who can fix this.

This is a driver issue


No, unfortunately not. Let me quote the answer that i received from Sandisk support team and resolve all this doubts:

"Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. My name is Georgios G. and I am here to assist you.

I understand that you are interested on purchasing a SanDisk flash drive that will be detected as removable drive.
Please, allow us to inform you that in mid-2013 SanDisk changed production of its USB Drives configured as fixed disk to meet a perceived certification requirement. SanDisk USB Drives with either removable or fixed disk configuration will work the same when used for data storage on Windows PC and Mac computers. SanDisk is in the process of reverting back to producing USB Drives configured as removable disk.
NOTE: There is no tool available to change SanDisk USB Drives between fixed and removable disk configuration.
Unfortunately, SanDisk Technical support has no way to identify by the packaging or reseller stock whether the drive will show up as fixed or removable disk.
We would like to inform you though that SDCZ88 Extreme Pro USB 3.0 and SDCZ48 Ultra USB 3.0 drives have ONLY been manufactured as removable disk configuration.
Finally, allow us to inform you that SanDisk does not recommend nor support the usage of a Cruzer as bootable drive."

So as you can see, one and the only problem lies in SanDisk production.


SanDisk is in the process of reverting back to producing USB Drives configured as removable disk.

No one denies that SanDisk manufactured them, in the past.  And no one is saying that all these drives bought by distributors have been cleared off their shelves and warehouses.

And no one is also saying the ones currently manufactred by counterfeiters are not fixed disks.

But if someone buys one and it doesn’t work for them, or the software they are use to using, Sandisk will replacee it for them.